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I am a brand name Influencer of Jarden Consumer Solutions. Jarden Customer Solutions sent me a FoodSaver ® FM5000 Collection Food Preservation System so I might use and also provide you my truthful opinion of it. kitchenopedia.com The opinions shared are mine alone.

Have you remained in the marketplace for a vacuum sealer? I just recently had the possibility to review the FoodSaver ® FM5000 Collection Food Conservation System.

It is the latest FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. Continue reading to figure out why I think you should put the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer on your Christmas checklist!


It is so simple to pull 1 or 2 frozen hamburger patties from the fridge freezer as well as cook them for lunch or dinner. Exactly what I generally do is just tuck each premade burger pattie in a plastic sandwich bag.

The problem with that said is freezer burn. Vacuum Sealer There really isn't a simple method to obtain all the air out of a zip covered plastic baggie.

Anytime I've had the premade hamburgers in the fridge freezer for greater than a week I've seen those pesky little ice crystals creating.

When those ice crystals create no matter what the food is it obtains an odd taste to it that we just cannot stand consuming. The messed up icy food is gets tossed.

Just what a waste of loan!

This was my very first experience making use of a vacuum sealer to maintain food. I decided to freeze some premade hamburger patties. I like composing indivudual burger patties as well as cold them.

When you freeze burgers or any type of food with the FoodSaver ® FM5000 Series Food Conservation System freezer shed is a thing of the past. Because you had to throw food that was ruined due to freezer shed, no more squandered loan.


Off it was so very easy to utilize the FoodSaver ® FM5000 Collection Food Preservation System right out of the box. There is a handy full shade guide with detailed photos as well as guidelines revealing you ways to make a bag and seal a bag.

There is likewise a choice for sealing dry or damp foods which is excellent if you are cold a fridge freezer meal soup.

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The directions were really simple to comprehend and comply with for this very first time individual. That alone was great news to me since I 'd never made use of a food vacuum sealer prior to and also I have bought various other items where the directions were virtually difficult to comprehend and also I at some point just browsed the web to discover clearer directions.


I enjoy that with the FoodSaver ® FM5000 Series Food Preservation System you have the choice making your personal bags with vacuum cleaner seal rolls offered in different sizes.

Or you can purchase vacuum cleaner zipper bags in quart or gallon sizes. I even discovered these fantastic FoodSaver Single-Cooking Bags on Amazon.com. Which implies you can freeze a single serving or as much as 4 portions of veggies, soup or fridge freezer meals in the food preparation bags after that pop them in the microwave to prepare.

These FoodSaver solitary food preparation bags are going to be a video game changer for me with my fridge freezer meals. Now it will certainly be easy for me to prepare one fridge freezer dish and also split it into smaller servings prior to freezing.

You also could buy FoodSaver Vacuum cleaner Sealed Fresh Containers to extend the shelf-life of dried items in the pantry or fruit and vegetables you keep in the fridge.

The Retracting Handheld Sealer is easily tucked into the top of the FoodSaver ® FM5000. Which is great so you don't have to bother with losing the tube or items when you need to secure a container.

I'm happy to report that I enjoyed a Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Hamburger for lunch today and it was delicious. No weird fridge freezer burn taste! It tasted just as good as if I had actually made it right before I cooked it.

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I can not wait to utilize my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer this wintertime when all the Florida wintertime vegetables and fruits are in season. I can't wait to ice up some fresh winter months strawberries.

I typically acquire Florida strawberries by the level as well as freeze them. They always obtain covered with ice crystals. I'll have the ability to delight in a fresh strawberry shake all wintertime long with icy strawberries that don't have that unusual fridge freezer taste to them.


FoodSaver ® FM5000 Series Food Conservation System retails for $149.99 -199.99 as well as is offered at major retailers such as WalMart, Costco, Sam's, Target and also online.

Get in touch with FoodSaver on Facebook and also head over to the FoodSaver site for more details on all the FoodSaver items as well as where you will certainly discover a holiday unique for up to 30% off and also cost-free delivery.

The FoodSaver FM5000 Series Food

Conservation System is a perfect Christmas gift for the food preserver in the household or for yourself if you enjoy saving time in the cooking area with fridge freezer dishes.


  • NEW Express Bag Manufacturer instantly creates a seal for your following bag, lowering bag making steps by 50% *.
  • Retractable Handheld Sealant for usage with FoodSaver ® Vacuum cleaner Zipper Bags, Containers as well as Accessories.
  • NEW Easy Gain access to Open Roll Storage space assists keep track of bag inventory so you always know when you're running low.
  • NEW Low Reducing Surface area enables you to utilize your counter as your job room to accurately determine personalized sized bags.
  • NEW Vacuum Sight Home window that allows you to see where you seal for optimum control and also decreases over 30% of roll waste *.
  • NEW Compact Size is ideal for counter top storage.
  • NEW Ergonomic Sealing Angle offers ease of use and also comfort.
  • NEW Smudge-Resistant Brushed Light weight aluminum Finish produce simpler clean-up.
  • Dishwashing machine Safe Patented removable drip tray

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